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5 Basic Things Every Man Must Know About Women.


5 Basic Things Every Man Must Know About Women.

1.  Women adore compliments

How can your bae make a new hair and it takes you a whole day to notice? Dude?! Pay more attention and compliment your woman. Sincere compliments show you appreciate her and notice the small things

2.  Romantic gestures

Romantic gestures are uber important. Not all the time she cooks, sometimes make her that one dish you can cook and serve her breakfast in bed. Other times, surprise her with gifts or things important to her. You can volunteer at her favourite charity. Get your romantic gesture powers up!

3.  Indirect communication

Women are the inventors of indirect talk. For example, a woman will never come out and say, “please, do the dishes. I’m tired”. She will probably say something along the lines of:

I’m so tired. And the kitchen sink is so dirty.

She basically means you should help out with the dishes. Learn to decipher all the indirect talk and your relationship will be happie

4.  Sometimes, just listen

You know how you often assume a woman always wants you to fix things? Guys, sometimes we don’t want Bob the fixer. We just want you to listen and make sincere soothing noises. It’s that simple.

5.  PDA is important

We are not your sisters. A little hand holding or goodbye kisses never hurt anyone. My Naija brothers need to learn to engage in PDA (public displays of affection). You will still be a man afterward. And best of all, you keep your woman happy.

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